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All about the history of Fashion and Moda Adlib of Ibiza

As characteristic for Ibiza as her white-washed fincas, is today's distinctive style of clothing by her multi-cultural inhabitants.
On the beautiful White island, temperatures rise high in Summer and people try to feel the smallest breeze, wearing as little as permissible.
Already in the 30s some of the most wealthy and elegant people in the world, the then jet set and trendsetters, spent their mega-yacht holidays, in the marina of Ibiza Town, bringing elegance and sophistication to the still undiscovered Mediterranean island.

It was like that the in the late 50s and early 60s, when the first artists, freethinkers and hippies arrived on an island, rich in nature and culture, with a population poor in wealth.
In contradiction to the back-to-love-and-nature lifestyle of the hippies with a clothing style that left nothing to the imagination, the authentic islanders 'payesa' were covered in simple handmade, peasant clothes of coarse fabrics. Their cloths came from their own hands, similar to the accessories that belonged to their general attire, such as espadrilles, straw hats, bags and shawls.
Although it took a while before the native inhabitants got used to their hippy neighbours, it was their common, unceasing preference for a simple lifestyle and creativity that united them.
Back than, many of the Ibicenco women 'pagesas' were mainly dressed in black, while the dresses and skirts of the new islanders were short  and non concealing, and in all colours of the rainbow.

The first hippy market of Ibiza was born in the fifties and both locals and hippies started creating a fusion of the indigenous 'Ibicenco' clothing style with characteristic hippy aesthetics, that would result in the birth of the ADLIB fashion in the early 70s.

Hippy icon Mora Schroeder influenced Ibiza fashion with remarkable crochet designs
Back in those days it were individuals such as the colourful, former club owner, Mora Schröder, who came to Ibiza in 1965, to live with the hippies, while introducing Ibiza to her fantasy look of crochet dresses. Mora and Djin, her husband, whom she met in Ibiza, both had a distinctive appearance, and together with their hippy tribe they were much sought after guests at any party on the island, because of their outspokenly controversial garb and artsy performances.
Mora's innovatory urge made her decide to design and create her own outfits from there on, and over the years her characteristic crochet designs not only very much influenced and inspired the nascent fashion of Ibiza, but the rest of the world was also admiring her hippie apparel and eye catching designs. Although tried many times over the years, Mora could not be persuaded to commercialize her 'small' fashion business.
Until today this remarkable Hippy Icon enjoys a simple lifestyle and is happily selling her colourful, hand crafted crochet fashion on the Hippy market Las Dalias on Saturdays.
LA MODA ADLIB IBIZA > Adlib Fashion Ibiza was founded in 1971

, from Latin 'Ad Libitum', translation 'freely',
meaning "Dress as you like, but with style"

From 27 to 31 May 1971 the first Pasarela de Moda Adlib or Adlib Fashion Show took place at the Portal Nou in Ibiza, and it was in 1972, when the unconventional and liberated Yugoslavian jet set princess Smilja Mihailovitch, brought international recognition to the Adlib fashion style by posing barefoot with flowers in her hair, wearing the innovatory, ethereal white garments from Ibiza that expressed both simplicity and craftsmanship, but more strikingly, they highlighted each body shape's natural beauty.

It was Smilja, she affectionately referred to Adlib as 'the freedom’s fashion', who convinced the local politicians to financially support this new industry bringing economic prosperity for the islanders. As a result the foundation of the Patronat de la Moda d'Eivissa i Formentera was implemented.And it was Princess Smilja, who in 1975 inspired renowned Vogue fashion magazine to come to Ibiza with famous actress Ursula Andress to report on Adlib and  in 1976 French brands Dior and Yves Saint Laurent embraced the Adlib feel.
Moda Adlib
turned out to be the answer to an overwrought international fashion industry, presenting a timeless 'Ibiza style' fashion with respect for the body and its convenience and emphasizing the island's bohemian and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Showcasing a preference for white, light and natural fabrics while expressing individuality with lavish embroidery, crochet, lace and adornments, Moda Adlib was settled in the world-of fashion and became one of Ibiza's main tourists attractions and industries.

The Paserela de Moda Adlib started off small, with fashion designers from day one: Maru García (close friend of Smilja), Luis Ferrer, Marta Raffo and jet set fashion designer Dora Herbst.
Over the years the Adlib catwalk saw the creations of fashion designers and labels, such as: Ishvara, Triana, Gloria Bendita, Elena Deudero, Cáñamo, De Bois, Melania Piris, Claudie Noëll, Zarabanda, Ibimoda, Francisca Ferrer, Moleke and Charo Ruiz united in their fashion label AdLibitum, Perlotti & Giannini, Eva Cardona, Lopeta, Tres Ibiza and MapaMundi.
Later additions to Adlib Fashion Ibiza were: Beatrice San Francisco; Dira Moda Ibiza; Isabel Castellar; Ivanna Mestres; Jannine Helbling; Piluca Bayarri; Tanit Jeans; Tony Bonet; Elisa Pomar and l’ Escola d’Art.

Each year an exceptional model casting takes place for this fashion event, Adlib also achieved collaboration with other important fashion events, and there is the Balearic Young Designers Contest to support the work of promising fashion creators living and working on the island.
And of course Ibiza, island wide, has the most wonderful locations that form the perfect backdrop for each photo shoot.

Pasarela de Moda Adlib 2016 > ADLIB FASHION SHOW 2016
45th Anniversary of Pasarela de Moda Adlib 2016
Thursday June 9, 10 and 11th 2016 at Recinto Ferial Ibiza

Thursday 9 June, 19.00 hrs @ Claustro Ayuntamiento de Ibiza -
ADD TALENT contest 2016

Friday 10 June & Saturday 11 June, 20.30 hrs @ Recinto Ferial de Ibiza
Opening with the presentation of the Exclusive Beatrice San Francisico Ibiza & BSF MAN Collection
followed by a presentation of Ibiza's finest collection of participating Adlib Fashion Designers: Charo Ruiz Ibiza, Dira Moda Ibiza, Elisa Pomar, School of Arts and Crafts in Ibiza, Ibimoda, Isabel Castellar, Ivanna Mestres, Jannine Helbling, Luis Ferrer, Luisa Tur Adlib, Piluca Bayarri, Tony Bonet, Vintage Ibiza and Virginia Vald.

For true Ibiza Fashionistas

Valuable tip for all devoted fashionistas, Ibiza's old fishing quarter Sa Penya, from front to back is brimmed with fashion boutiques and shops, selling fantastical fashion extravaganza.
Whether your style is bohemian, hippy, elegant, modern or extravagant you will find all the latest fashion in Ibiza, plus accessories, necessities and must-haves, such as bags, shoes, boots, belts and jewellery.

Thank you very much Natalia Aestene of OnIbizaClouds for contributing your beautiful photos!


The village of Santa Eulalia today is also home to few shops of fashion designers & labels and the city center of San Antonio is being developed in a similar way.

Adlib Fashion Shops Ibiza:

BSF Shop > Beatrice San Francisco > Adlib Designer Ibiza

BSF, Beatrice San Francesco Shop
* Designs inspired by nature that will make you feel the soul of bohemian Ibiza, the island of freedom
Beatrice, Francisco and Djamila are devoted to their knitwear and since 2005 their remarkable fashion designs for both men and women are part of Adlib Moda.
Their BSF Fashion Shop unfortunately has to close over Winter, due to construction at the Vara de Rey. So come by to make your choice from their 2016 Spring and Summer Collection of BSF Man & BSF Woman and enjoy 50% discount, on each fashion item, until 29 October 2016 !!

- Paseo Vara de Rey 7, 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza (Open from March 23rd, 2016)

al about BSF IBIZA >

Ad Libitum Ibiza
Ad Libitum Ibiza
Dress as you like, with elegance and freedom from Adlib-Mode Label by Charo Ruiz & Moleke

Calle Bisbe Cardona I Tur 10, 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 310 654
Boutique Amanecer Ibiza
Boutique Amanecer Ibiza
* Adlib Fashion shop in Ibiza, incl. ethnic accessories and artisans

- Plaça de Vila, Dalt Vila, Plaça de la Tertulia, Puerto de Ibiza, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 317 371
Boutique Bamba Adlib
Boutique Bamba Adlib

- Carrer Antoni Palau, 5, 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 311 902

Catalina Bonet Fashion
Catalina Bonet Fashion

- Carrer de Castelar 14, 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 315 555

Charo Ruiz Ibiza
Charo Ruiz Ibiza
* Asserting femininity and enforcing the Ibiza freedom in every fashion piece since 1989.

- Salvador Camacho, s/n, 07840 Santa Eulalia del Río
- tel: 0034 971 807 511
Christine Astruc > Leather Shop Arizona
Christine Astruc's Leather Shop Arizona
* Design, leatherwear, exclusive designs all measures, hand painted

- Castelar 17, 1°, Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 31 09 19

Dira Ibiza Moda Adlib
Dira Ibiza Moda Adlib
* Genuine Ibicenca Fashion
Manuel Pardo Dominguez designer of Men's fashion, from 2013 member of adlib with fashion brand DIRA IBIZA, unique designers creations, made by hand of natural fabrics like cotton and domestic raw materials, get unique pieces of great quality

- Avda. San Jordi nº5 Local 3, Ibiza 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 394 332
Divina Boutique
Divina Boutique
* Made from 100% natural fibres for women, men & children, with sizes to XXXXL

- Plaça de la Vila 17, 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 300 815

Dora Herbst Boutique
Dora Herbst Boutique
* Top-Designer of the Ibiza-Look & jet set fashion designer since 1965

- Marina Botafoch 315, Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 316 741

Escola de Art de Eivissa
Escola d'Art d'Eivissa
* Publicly owned educational center with a group of students being trained in fashion design

- Calle Ríu Duero, 5 ( Can Cifré ), 07817 Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 971 301 228
Esencia Adlib Ibiza
Esencia Adlib Ibiza
100% handmade Ibizan signature fashion Essence

- Carrer d'Atzaró, 18, 07800 Ibiza, Illes Balears
- tel: 0034 971 30 53 83

Eva Cardona Boutique
Eva Cardona Boutique
Simplicity, romanticism, freshness, glamor, passion ... natural
exclusive design for celebrations, brides and brides, specialty Adlib

- C. Obispo Carrasco 4, Eivissa, Ibiza

Flores Elisa de Ibiza
Flores Elisa de Ibiza
Hippy Style wreaths, accessories, flower crowns, braids & bands, hairpins, headdresses & accessories of flowers, birds, leaves and some of the most imaginative decorations for your head

- Las Dalias Hippy Market every Saturday - view more:

Gipo Ibiza
Gipo Ibiza
* Garments designed and manufactured in Ibiza from natural 100% cotton, which preserve the softness and freshness of our islands
Charo Ruiz's GiPó Ibiza was born in 1996, uniting Montserrat Prats Francisco and Josefa in designing artisan craft collections with characteristic, mostly white, garments for women, men, kids & babies

- Carretera de San Juan, Km. 1,200, 07819, Puig den Valls, Ibiza
- tel: 971 314 534

* Textile manufacturing company of 100% hand made Ibizan Adlib fashion, creating custom designs for women, brides & children

- C/Vicente Serra y Orvay, 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel.: 0034 971 31 13 82

Ibiza Das
Ibiza Das
* Adlib Fashion Designers

- C/ Manuel Sora Nº 10, Ibiza, Spain
- tel: 0034 971 311 366

Isabel Castellar
Isabel Castellar
* Fall in love with beautiful things !!!

- Crta. aeropuerto num. 85 Sant Jordi de ses Salines, 07817 Ibiza
- tel: 0034 619 120 668

Ivanna Mestres
Ivanna Mestres
* Garments are produced and crafted entirely in Ibiza by Pasarela Adlib Designer

- C/ Es Figueral 11b bajos, 07800, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 627 403 553

Joyeria Pomar by Elisa Pomar
Joyeria Pomar by Elisa Pomar
* Faithfully represents energy, magic, traditionally dressed in modernity, and the essence of Ibiza

- Calle Castelar 1, Calle Antonio Palau 2, 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 190 726

De los Angeles
De los Ángeles
* A brand of children's clothing created in 2003, characterized by exclusive designs and manufacturing

- Online shop
- tel: 0034 647 029 031

Luis Ferrer
Luis Ferrer
* Ibicenco fashion creator who put Ibiza’s Fashion on the map

- Pza. San Telmo 6, 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza,
- tel: 0034 971 193 374

Moda Janine
Moda Janine
* Fashion made in Ibiza

- Jannine Helbling's online shop
- tel: 0034 615 966 706

Morocha Ibiza
Morocha Ibiza Marta Raffo's shop Ibiza
Born in the late 90s, with an innovative spirit, based on the characteristics of Adlib Fashion Ibiza

Carrer de s'Esglèsia, 14, 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 871 51 40 58
Pepa Bonet Shop
Pepa Bonet Shop
* Carefree and natural Ibizan life, inspires Pepa Bonett in designing her adlib fashion collection

- Baleares 6, 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 390 767

Piluca Bayarri
Piluca Bayarri

- Agapit Llobet 22, 07800, Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 394 498

Tanit Jeans
Tanit Jeans
* Ibiza's one and only brand of jeans, made with Svarovski elements

- Calle Cabrera, 6 Bajos, 07800 Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 695 641 957

Tony Bonet
Tony Bonet
* The representation of the true Adlib, true to the spirit of the island, Adlib fashion inspiration

- Plaza Enrique Fajarnes i Tur, Eivissa, Ibiza
- tel: 0034 971 312 626


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