la moda adlib ibiza > adlib fashion ibiza was founded in 1971

la moda adlib ibiza > adlib fashion ibiza was founded in 1971

, from Latin 'Ad Libitum', translation 'freely',
meaning "Dress as you like, but with style"

From 27 to 31 May 1971 the first Pasarela de Moda Adlib or Adlib Fashion Show took place at the Portal Nou in Ibiza, and it was in 1972, when the unconventional and liberated Yugoslavian jet set princess Smilja Mihailovitch, brought international recognition to the Adlib fashion style by posing barefoot with flowers in her hair, wearing the innovatory, ethereal white garments from Ibiza that expressed both simplicity and craftsmanship, but more strikingly, they highlighted each body shape's natural beauty.

It was Smilja, she affectionately referred to Adlib as 'the freedom’s fashion', who convinced the local politicians to financially support this new industry bringing economic prosperity for the islanders. As a result the foundation of the Patronat de la Moda d'Eivissa i Formentera was implemented.And it was Princess Smilja, who in 1975 inspired renowned Vogue fashion magazine to come to Ibiza with famous actress Ursula Andress to report on Adlib and  in 1976 French brands Dior and Yves Saint Laurent embraced the Adlib feel.
Moda Adlib
turned out to be the answer to an overwrought international fashion industry, presenting a timeless 'Ibiza style' fashion with respect for the body and its convenience and emphasizing the island's bohemian and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Showcasing a preference for white, light and natural fabrics while expressing individuality with lavish embroidery, crochet, lace and adornments, Moda Adlib was settled in the world-of fashion and became one of Ibiza's main tourists attractions and industries.

The Paserela de Moda Adlib started off small, with fashion designers from day one: Maru García (close friend of Smilja), Luis Ferrer, Marta Raffo and jet set fashion designer Dora Herbst.
Over the years the Adlib catwalk saw the creations of fashion designers and labels, such as: Ishvara, Triana, Gloria Bendita, Elena Deudero, Cáñamo, De Bois, Melania Piris, Claudie Noëll, Zarabanda, Ibimoda, Francisca Ferrer, Moleke and Charo Ruiz united in their fashion label AdLibitum, Perlotti & Giannini, Eva Cardona, Lopeta, Tres Ibiza and MapaMundi.
Later additions to Adlib Fashion Ibiza were: Beatrice San Francisco; Dira Moda Ibiza; Isabel Castellar; Ivanna Mestres; Jannine Helbling; Piluca Bayarri; Tanit Jeans; Tony Bonet; Elisa Pomar and l’ Escola d’Art.

Each year an exceptional model casting takes place for this fashion event, Adlib also achieved collaboration with other important fashion events, and there is the Balearic Young Designers Contest to support the work of promising fashion creators living and working on the island.
And of course Ibiza, island wide, has the most wonderful locations that form the perfect backdrop for each photo shoot.

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